Dad's 77th Birthday Visit 2004

(Last Year Glen was Alive)

Here are some photos and maybe memories from 2004 when Dad had his 77th birthday and Glen also visited. These are probably the last photos that I have of Glen. He died in June that year. At the time of this visit, we didn't know he was sick. I think he did know something was wrong, but he never said anything.

We took a few road trips. As I recall, Glen had driven his PT Cruiser from his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to spend the holidays with his half sister Carol in Texas. Tuesday the 3rd Glen flew over to spend time together. Gene and Lucy flew in on Thursday, as did Mark and Andrea. So we were all together again.

Glen told me about all their flea marketing. He told me he had some kind of medical problem on the way there, and had to stop at a hospital. He called it a blockage and didn't say any more. But he also went for a run with me on this visit, which is something he had never done before. It was the only time we ran together. I remember he had some sort of intestinal discomfort while we were running and we had to stop for a little break. But then he was fine and we finished our run.

Wednesday, Glen, Dad and I drove out south toward Casa Grande and stopped to look at a monument. Notice on the map, this was before the 101 and 202 Loops were constructed.

Sun La2

Dad's 2004 005

Dad's 2004 001

Dad's 2004 002
Glen and Dad

Dad's 2004 003

Dad's 2004 004
Glen and me

Dad's 2004 006
Lucy and Andrea, back at the house, resting from their airplane rides.

Dad's 2004 007

Dad's 2004 008
Gene, Mark, Glen. Which of these guys is right? You know they're arguing. Which one is right? ONLY the one taking the photo!

Dad's 2004 009
Glen, Gene, Mark

Dad's 2004 010
Lucy and Andrea

Dad's 2004 011

Dad's 2004 012

Dad's 2004 013

Dad's 2004 014

Dad's 2004 015

Dad's 2004 016

Dad's 2004 017

On Saturday, Mark, Andrea, Dad, Glen and I drove to Tortilla Flat, stopping along the way to find the Lost Dutchman's mine.

Dad's 2004 018

Dad's 2004 019

Dad's 2004 020

Dad's 2004 021
Mark and Andrea in the desert