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Then I had the lead in the Spring Chorus Concert
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Here are some things from my High School activities.
I had the lead in the Junior Class play.

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These folks lived in a huge old stone house way above the street on Washington Avenue. Stone steps led up to the front porch. This house was right next door to the north of my grade school, School Four. When we were little, we never saw these folks much. When I was older (high school) they weren’t as mysterious. They were pretty nice folks.
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Later that year I went to Boys’ State. One of my best friends from pre-school through high school, Gary Valvo, also went. When we were little, Gary would come spend a Friday night with us, or I would spend a Friday at his house in Forestville. I remember watching Alfred Hitchcock and other scary shows at his house and eating popcorn. It was always interesting to stay overnight at somebody else’s house. You learned to be very polite. You learned that when in Rome, ..., and follow the rules of the house. After he graduated from Forestville Central High School, Gary went to the USNA and became a fighter pilot flying jets off carriers. I think he’s retired from the Navy now. I saw him at Uncle Mark’s funeral last year. I hadn’t seen him in almost 40 years. He’s older now than he was then. Good thing I’m not!
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