We walked down about 6 blocks and waited for the gates to open.  

Here are photos from the game.  And of course the Yankees won, so it was a great game.

After the game, we retrieved our overnight bags from the bus, then got on the subway and rode to midtown Manhattan.  We took the Lexington Avenue line and it only took 10 minutes or so.  Then we walked from Lexington (4th) and 59th to our room at the Park Central Hotel at 7th and 56th.  After checking in and rinsing off, we went for a walk to Times Square, and then back along Avenue of the Americas (6th) past Rockefeller Center, and back to 7th.  We had cheesecake at the Stage Deli, and neither of us could finish our piece of cake.  Then back to the hotel in the next block and to bed for the night.

On Sunday, we got up early and went for a walk in Central Park, about 2 blocks from our hotel.



are the photos from the park.  Later, I had a meeting with a client so Dad and I joined him for breakfast in the hotel cafe, then Dad went up to the room to watch the British Open while we talked business.

About 10, Dad and I got in a taxi for the Circle Line Pier 83 headquarters, at 12th and 49th.  We got tickets for the 12:30 3 hour tour of Manhattan, and then walked around the warship museum until our tour left.  This tour takes you all the way around the island of Manhattan by boat, and it was very good.  Our seats were in the shade on the upper deck part of the time, and when in the sun, it was pretty hot.  But we saw a lot and got lots of information from the tour guide. 
Here are the photos from the boat tour.  And here's the map:


After the boat tour, we walked from there to the Empire State Building, 5th and 33rd.
Here are the photos from the top.  Here's the map of our walk:


July 19 2003 Dad and I took a bus to New York City with my Employees' Association to see the Yankees on Old Timer's Day.  You could say the old timers went to old timer's day.
The bus left our factory at about 6:45 and was parked near the stadium by 11:00.  Here's the map of the ride to NYC:

And here's the elevation profile.  The last three points are at the top, 1070'.


We took a cab back to the hotel, and rested a little while.  Then we walked to the next block and had supper at the Carnegie Deli - a corned beef and pastrami sandwich that neither one of us could finish.  After that we walked over to Rockefeller Center again.  We checked out the studios, but they were all closed.  Then back to the hotel.
On Monday, we had breakfast at a Starbuck's, then walked up 7th Avenue to Madison Square Garden, and below it, to Pennsylvania Station.  We waited for out train, got aboard, and rode the train under Manhattan, up the East side of the Hudson, then north along the Mohawk, back to Syracuse. When we arrived, Bob and Les Brenner picked us up at the train station and we all went to Riley’s for dinner.
A great trip, and great memories.

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